Autumnal Shades for Nails ~ Top picks from my collection!

As we begin our transition from summer to autumn, we find ourselves getting ready for a wardrobe change and hopefully, we don’t ignore the fact that our make-up must complement our wardrobe.

In this post, I’ll be focusing on the trending nail colors for Autumn 2012.


Shades of Rich, Dark Berries; Shimmering hues of Blues, Purples, Browns and Greens; Metallics; Reds; Neutrals; and the all-famous French Manicure with a twist (also known as the ‘French Twist‘).

My advice when it comes to wearing dark shades is to keep your nails trimmed; Long nails + Dark shades = ‘Vampy’, in my opinion (unless that’s the look you’re going for). And if square-shaped nails suit you and you like your nails shaped that way, even better!

I have accumulated quite a number of nail polishes over time and have decided to make use of what I have in my collection to come up with my very own top shades for nails this Autumn 2012.
You will find that 10 out of the 11 shades I have selected are Avon branded and just 1 on the list is by Essie and I apologise for this. I do own nail polishes by other brands like Revlon, NYC, Rimmel to name a few, but none of those shades would be appropriate for this post.


My top picks for nail colors this autumn are:


Nailwear Pro in Dynamo – This is a striking and deep glittery berry with a very slight hint of red, which looks really good when applied. The glitter is not chunky like in some formulas and it feels smooth to touch. 2 coats are good enough if you like dark shades. But if you want it lighter, 1 coat should suffice. With 1 coat, this color has more of a berry pink tint to it. The glitter reflects light and gives it a lovely glow either way.

Essie’s Shade in Foot Loose – A beautiful berry-purple shade that dries with a lovely creamy salon professional finish. This formula is not streaky and is easy to apply.

REDS: (All-time favorites for all occasions)

Nailwear Pro in Ruby Slippers – A bright Red with a slight hint of glitter and a creamy shine to it’s finish. If you love bright reds, you’re going to love Ruby Slippers.

Nailwear Pro in Cherry Jubilee – A deep wine shade, a perfect alternative to those bright reds like ‘Ruby Slippers’.


Nailwear Pro+ in Noir Emerald – A lovely and rich shade of Emerald with a hint of shimmer. It looks amazing on medium length nails. It has an air of sophistication to it. One of my top favorites.

Speed Dry+ in Bronzess – A lovely shimmery mocha, not too dark and looks really good. I’m not a big fan of browns, but this is one shade that I’m happy with. Just 2 coats are enough, and it’s not streaky or too thick. Since this shade has the Speed Dry formula, it is perfect for those for that last-minute applications.

METALLICS: (I’d wear these on nights out and would be best suited for festive occasions as well).

Nailwear Pro+ in Golden Vision –  A beautiful, sparkly shade of gold, not loud and garish like some that you come across. To ensure that all the sparkly sequins are evenly distributed, shake the bottle well between applications.

Nailwear Pro+ in Lucky Penny – A bright and shimmering Coppery shade, which looks even better when it’s hit by light. Perfect for this season. One drawback though – 2 coats are not enough as it appears a bit streaky. But 3 coats should do the trick. Make sure the color has dried completely before applying the next coat.

NEUTRALS: (Perfect for work, nights out or if you would like to highlight that lovely, impressive outfit).

Nailwear Pro+ in Naked Truth – A beautiful neutral shade with a hint of mauve. This color is not flat like other neutral shades and it dries with a lovely sheen.

Speed Dry+ in Street Beige – A bit streaky in nature, but it’s Speed Dry formula allows for 2-3 coats to go on in no time. I wouldn’t want to wear this shade on its own as I find it a tad dull. However, as I mentioned earlier in the post about the latest trend in French Manicures, I would personally choose this shade as my base color. I’m going to attempt this look and update my blog once I’m done.

Speed Dry+ in Ballerina – A nude pink color, the perfect shade for a Classic French Manicure.

I’d love to hear about your personal picks for this Autumn 2012.

– Juliana –



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