Planet Spa Provence Lavender and Jasmine Overnight Facial Oil Review (Avon)

Today I’m going to review the Planet Spa Provence Lavender and Jasmine Overnight Facial Oil, which comes packed in a lovely lavender-colored bottle (60ml).

I bought this product a couple of months ago and so far I’ve used it just 3 times (out of sheer laziness) – Last night was the third time I used this product. I would recommend using this product at least once in 7-10 days. Since this is an overnight facial oil, it’s best when applied before going to bed.

This product has lovely strong notes of Lavender and Jasmine. When I say strong, I don’t mean overpowering. Once it’s absorbed into the skin, you just get a hint of the combination of Lavender and Jasmine and I find that it allows for a good night’s sleep.

5 Steps that you can follow:

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Pour about a 25p coin sized amount of the oil onto the palm of your hand and rub the oil evenly between your hands. This amount is more than enough to cover the face and neck areas.

Step 3: Apply this oil in an upward and circular motion all over your face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye areas. You may find it a bit oily on your skin, but don’t worry, this oil gets absorbed quickly.

Step 4: Wash with a mild cleanser when you wake up.

Step 5: Tone and Moisturise with your daily skin care products. I currently use No.7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner for Oily/Combination Skin and Olay Anti-Wrinkle Instant Hydration Day Cream 30+ (which I shall be reviewing in due course).

I follow these 5 steps and find myself with beautifully soft, smooth and refreshed looking skin. The more I use this product, the more often I want to use it.

Have you tried the Planet Spa Provence Lavender and Jasmine Overnight Facial Oil?

– Juliana –



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