NOTD ~ Avon Speed Dry+ Bronzess & Nailwear Pro+ Golden Vision

It’s been quite dull weather-wise the past week and in keeping with that mood, I decided to come up with a simple autumnal theme for my nails. I’m nowhere close to being good at nail art, but I get by with the simple stuff.

For the autumn theme, I used 3 colors from Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ and Speed Dry+ range.

I applied Essie’s Protein Base Coat first, followed by 2 coats of Avon’s Speed Dry+ nail enamel in Bronzess. The reason for me choosing this color as a base is because of it’s quick dry formula. By the time I finished with the last nail on one hand, I was ready to apply the second coat, before even starting to paint my nails on the second hand. Now that’s what I call ‘Speed Dry’! This polish has a lovely consistency, not too thick, so it was easy to apply. It also has a slight shimmer, which gives the color a bit of a lift.

Once the 2 coats dried, I painted the tips with Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ nail enamel in Golden Vision. The reason I decided on this color is because the Brown and the Gold remind me of autumn and the color of the falling leaves. This color is really beautiful, glittery and festive. However, it doesn’t come off easily. I took a little longer than usual to get the polish off my nails. However, the color Bronzess came off easily.

I got a bit carried away and decided to do a feature nail. I used Nailwear Pro+ in Golden Vision again and decided to add just a bit of Nailwear Pro+ in Noir Emerald (just to depict that glimmer of hope; that even though it’s going to be dull and cold, Christmas is not far away). I personally love this shade, it’s one of my top 3 favorites! When I paint my nails in Nailwear Pro+ Noir Emerald, I’ll post pictures with my feedback .

And finally I applied Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat to complete the look.

On the downside though, I was a bit disappointed when I found the polish starting to chip in just 3 days! The Nailwear Pro+ range is supposed to last 12 days.

Have you designed your own Autumn-themed nails yet?

– Juliana –



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