NOTD ~ Orange Bliss from Rimmel (Review)

With the crazy, dull weather that we had the past week, I felt the best way I could get some color into my wardrobe was to have brightly painted nails. So I decided to paint my nails in a lovely warm and bright shade of Orange from Rimmel Lycra Pro range, which is called Orange Bliss (440).

This vibrant shade of orange is not one that would be popular with all I guess. However for my readers who love orange and who love to have their nails in not-so-conventional hues, this is my verdict: Rimmel_Lycra Pro_440 Orange Bliss

My main reaction after day one was ‘disappointment’ Why disappointment you may wonder? Well, I was really sad to see this beautiful shade of orange chip away after just a day of having it on. I carefully groomed my nails, started with my favorite base coat from Essie, followed by 2 coats of Rimmel’s Orange Bliss and the top coat from Essie again. I must say that I love the Maxi brush which makes nail polish application a clean and tidy affair. I also am impressed with the glossy finish as you can see in the picture.

However, I must point out that the day after I applied this color, I was involved in work that had my hands in water off and on for a while. So I’m hoping that the quick chipping away of this nail polish was down to that. The reason being that this very same color sits beautifully on my toe nails for a good whole week with absolutely no signs of wear. Yay!

You can buy nail polishes in the Rimmel Lycra Pro range from any Boots or Superdrug store for £4.59.

Would you like to take a chance and paint your nails with a lovely bright orange like this? And why?



2 comments on “NOTD ~ Orange Bliss from Rimmel (Review)

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