Handbag Organiser? Make-up Organiser?

Yesterday, I decided to do some window shopping, so despite the cold, damp weather, I headed out to Oxford Street for some retail therapy. We all need it in doses, don’t you agree?

While I was out & about I came across some gorgeous jewellery at Dorothy Perkins, make-up & nail varnishes at Boots, and storage solutions at Primark. The make-up, nail varnishes and jewellery have made it to my February Wish List. However, I bought a lovely Handbag Organiser from Primark for just £3.

This was available in 2 colors: 1) Black & White 2) Cream & GoldHandbag / Make-up Organiser

I picked up the Cream & Gold one as I love its rich look. Even though this is labelled as a handbag organiser, I bought it with the intention of using it as an organiser for my make-up brushes, eye pencils, lip pencils, mascaras, cleansers, toners, lotions etc.

You could use this to store whatever you like in fact – it could be lipsticks, make-up, nail varnishes ~ you name it, you can store it!

This handbag organiser has 2 small handles, making it easy to carry & move about; loads of pockets in varying sizes on the outside, and a zipped outer pocket. On the inside, there are 2 pockets on one side as well.

What do you think of this storage solution? In my opinion, for £3, this is a great bargain!




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