Lazy days and Sundays…

Have you ever experienced that feeling of pure laziness, where you want to just stay in limbo?! Today is one of those days for me! I’ve had a stressful week of sorts; dealing with work and being on an emotional roller coaster is not the best combination, something I’m guessing you all can identify with. To try and get my head ’round all this I’ve decided to take it slow for the day. I started by having a lie-in (woke up at 10:30am – shocking!) 😉 still in my PJs, and just for today, I’m not going to bother about these little details.

I’ve decided to have some me-time today and pamper myself with a lovely foot soak, scrub and massage; followed by a pedicure, a manicure; and then pamper my face with a good scrub and mask as well. I think I deserve it! 😉 I’ll write a post listing the products I’ve used with a brief review on each sometime in the coming week.

This past week has had me all over the place and boy was I glad to have my flatmate’s cousin visit over the weekend. It was nice to have a girl around for a change. So as you may have already guessed, my weekend was all about girly stuff like shopping on Oxford Street, make-up tips and tricks, and the likes. Much needed, in my opinion.

While we were out and about on Oxford Street, I came across some interesting jewellery at Mango. I have my eyes set on a lovely floral necklace from their collection, which cost £59.99 😦 I put it down and decided to wait till it’s on Sale as that’s a bit too steep for me. I apologise for not taking a picture of the necklace; I’ve been a bad blogger, haven’t I?! But I surely will the next time I walk into a Mango store. Mango currently has a Sale on clothes which they have not advertised, but if you go to the 1st Floor, you’ll find the Sale section to the extreme left corner of the store. Forever 21 too has some interesting trinkets and jewellery in their collection, but as I was pressed for time, I decided that I would make another trip to Oxford Street the coming weekend and pick up a few things. On our way back home, we decided to take a few pics and while we were at it, had some very keen and random pub hoppers join our picture-party fun and insist on being in the pics. So here’s one of those crazy moments… Oxford Street London

What I wore:

  • Jacket [old] (Forever 21, Dubai)
  • Denim Skirt [old] (Label removed and can’t remember)
  • Tights [old] (Primark)
  • Long Beaded Necklace [old] (Accessorize, Dubai)
  • Boots [old] (Deichmann)
  • Bag [old] (Vincci, Dubai)

Right then, I’m going to say ciao for now and get going on my pamper session, can’t wait! 😀

In the meantime I’d love to hear all about what you got up to this weekend? Done anything fun or been anywhere interesting? Do tell! 🙂

❤  Juliana


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