ColorTrend Lip Stix – Swatch and Review

Just when it starts to show signs of spring, the weather turns around and goes back into winter mode. I guess we’re all waiting for the day when we can start wearing clothes suitable for spring, showing off our fancy pedicures and the likes. But till that day dawns upon us, we have to continue with winter-wear.  Hopefully not for long though.

What I have here today is bright enough to add some color to the dull and gloomy days that seem to grace us with its presence. Avon has recently launched the Lip Stix collection as part of its ColorTrend range. The Lip Stix collection comes in 5 shades: Gone Pink, Think Fast Pink, Coral You Later, Nude Flash and Reddy To Go. Today I’ll be swatching and reviewing 4 out of the 5 shades.

Reddy To Go, Coral You Later, Think Fast Pink, Nude Flash

Avon ColorTrend Lip Stix in Reddy To Go, Coral You Later, Think Fast Pink, Nude Flash

The Reddy To Go is a lovely crimson red; the Coral You Later a pretty peachy shade of coral; the Think Fast Pink a  bright fuchsia and the Nude Flash is a brownish nude. All of these shades are highly pigmented.

The ColorTrend Lip Stix collection comes in a playful, pencil-shaped packaging with the tube matching the color of the lipstick and a clear cover. This pencil has a non-rectractable, twist-and-use concept. So you have to make sure to twist it just a bit to avoid it smudging against the cover once done. This lip stix collection has a creamy formula as stated in the advertisement, but for some reason, I found that it dried my lips. This could be totally down to me though, as each type of formula has a different effect on each of us. On the positive side though, I have had the color on for more than 4 hours with no signs of wear. So that’s a good thing. Also, these colors are really bright and popping, which I find is just perfect for spring.

Avon is selling this Lip Stix collection at an introductory price for just £1.99 – This collection will otherwise retail for £4.50

Have any of you tried the new shades from the ColorTrend Lip Stix collection?

❤  Juliana



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