NOTD ~ Speed Dry+ Express Mocha

I decided to try my new Nail Art Tool from Avon today. I must warn you though, I’m rubbish at nail art so don’t expect something fancy. I have to practice a lot, this I know for sure. The Nail Art Tool is quite easy to use with a nice and slim brush which allows you to draw fine lines and the cone end of the tool makes dotting very neat.

Avon Speed Dry+ Express Mocha_Avon Nailwear Pro+ Golden Vision_Rimmel Lycra Pro Orange Bliss. Avon Nail Art Tool

Step 1: I applied 2 coats of  Avon’s new Speed Dry+ in Express Mocha. The Express Mocha is a dark and rich shade of chocolate and is opaque even with one coat, but you tend to get better and even coverage with 2 coats. It also dries pretty fast which is good, especially for nail art.

Step 2: I then applied Avon’s Nailwear Pro+ in Golden Vision diagonally across my little finer, middle finger and thumb and vertically on the ring and index fingers. I did this using the brush end of the Nail Art Tool.

Step 3: Once the Golden Vision dried, using the cone end of the Nail Art Tool I dotted the gold section with Rimmel’s Lycra Pro in Orange Bliss, which I have reviewed here.

What do you think of my amateur attempt?

❤  Juliana



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