Cosmic Brown Eyeshadow Trial & Review

I was recently chosen along with 4 others to trial Avon’s new Cosmic Brown Eyeshadow which is launching in Campaign 10 2013. Please note that I haven’t been in anyway compensated to provide this review. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

The Cosmic Brown eyeshadow has a shimmered, marble texture. I really liked what I saw when I opened the packaging. To be honest though, it doesn’t really show much, is not highly pigmented and kind of blends in with my skin tone. I’m not complaining here, mainly because all my eyeshadow palettes are ones with prominent and medium-dark colors, so this Cosmic Brown Shadow has been something that I’ve been happy to add to my collection. This particular shade is perfect if you don’t want to go without eyeshadow, and at the same time don’t want something with a dramatic effect. It is perfect for that all-natural look for the day, with just the right amount of shimmer that would reflect well in the sunlight. I personally think that this shade of Cosmic Brown would suit medium-dark skin tones better. But if you like the coverage you see in my images below, then that’s great! I would recommend you go for this shade!

I completed the look by using Avon’s Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in Emerald Glow and blended it in slightly at the outer corners.

Below are the images of the eyeshadow in different lighting and settings to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Avon_Cosmic Brown Eyeshadow_Trial_Review

If you like what you see or prefer more darker, dramatic colors, then you will be able to get your hands on them in Brochure 10, which will launch on 16 May 2013. This range of eyeshadows is called dazzling COSMIC SHADOWS and will be available in the following shades: Cosmic Brown; Midnight Sky; Jaded Moon; Purple Haze for just £4.99 each.

Avon_dazzling Cosmic Shadows Colleciton

Image Source: Avon Brochure 10, 2013

❤  Juliana



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