Reviving Body Cleanser (Ruby Red Cosmetics) – Review

And here it is, at last, my review on the Reviving Body Cleanser (Lime – Red Mandarin – Coriander – Cedarwood) from Ruby Red Cosmetics. At my last bloggers meet, I was privileged to meet Martine, co-founder of Ruby Red Cosmetics who introduced us to her brand and its lovely products, which are all produced in the UK from plant ingredients. Ruby Red Cosmetics’ products are free from SLS, harsh detergents, petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic perfumes and dyes. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies to some or all of these ingredients, or for those in the process of switching to more natural skincare products.Reviving Body Cleanser

The very first time I got sampling this product was at the bloggers meet. When I opened the bottle I was taken in by the fresh, citrus aroma and then ended up pouring just a drop on my hands to try it out. I’ve found that any citrus-based product does wonders for me, especially when I’m tired. It just gives me that sudden jolt back to reality, making me feel all alive again.

I recently started using this Reviving Body Cleanser (not everyday yet) and have found it to be gentle on my skin. I do have sensitive skin and most body washes tend to dry out my skin, but not this one. I applied just a small amount to my bath sponge and massaged over my body. This body cleanser doesn’t lather as much as a regular shower gel would, but don’t let that bother you.


I’ve haven’t used it on my face as I’m not sure how well my acne-prone skin would be able to handle this product. Even though it’s completely natural and states that it’s suitable for all skin types, I worry too much of breaking out into a rash or the likes, especially when it comes to my face. But nowhere on the packaging has it been mentioned that this product cannot be used on the face. However, if still in doubt, it would be advisable to contact Ruby Red Cosmetics for further details.

RevivingBodyCleanserHow to use it: Apply a generous amount into hands or cloth and massage over damp skin. Rinse thoroughly under shower. Can also be used as hand cleanser. (as mentioned on the website)

I would urge you to try out this product, if what you’ve just read appeals to you. I am definitely going to be adding the Reviving Body Cleanser to my ‘go-to’ products list.

The Reviving Body Cleanser is available to buy online from Ruby Red Cosmetics and comes in 2 sizes: 200ml for £16.00 and 500ml for £32.00

❤  Juliana


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