How To Get Healthy, Shiny Hair and Be Gentle On The Wallet!

You must be thinking, that’s not possible, right? Why not read on to find out how I manage it!

I’ve been using hair color for a good number of years and quite regularly too, and like everyone else, I do use heat stylers as well; so given all that, people do tend to get shocked when they notice the good condition that my hair is in.

What’s my secret? It’s nothing you haven’t heard of, I can assure you. It’s as simple as oiling my hair regularly. That’s it!

Being of Indian origin could be the reason for this habit maybe? As a child and throughout my school years, I remember always having my hair oiled at least twice a week. I used to hate it then. But as I grew older I saw the benefits, so I continued with this ritual through my college years and do so even now. However, I must point out that I gradually reduced the frequency from twice a week, to once a week and now it’s down to once a fortnight. I could put it down to laziness, I guess!

Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I’ve tried different oils on my hair, right from Coconut oil to Almond oil; Mustard oil to Olive oil and my favorite of them all is Olive oil. I’ve found that Olive oil has worked the best for my hair and helps with keeping my scalp healthy. I love how my hair feels after I’ve washed it when I’ve had a good head massage. So soft, shiny and lightweight.

The brand of olive oil I use is Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Even though the name suggests Extra Virgin, it’s not in it’s pure form. This oil also has some amount of Refined Olive Oil. So I would advise not to use it on the face or for cleansing purposes. It comes in an olive green tin, and is pricey. What I dislike most about the packaging is the placement of the cap, as it makes it difficult to pour the oil out without creating a mess on the top of the tin. I get my stock when I travel to India, as I’ve looked online but have had no luck finding a stockist. I don’t think it’s easily available here in the UK (or maybe not at all?). But if you do know someone who can get you a tin, then I would recommend you try it out. Or if you can get your hands on pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, even better.

Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil-1 Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil-2 Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil-3

How I apply the oil:

– I take about 2 tablespoons of oil in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. That’s long enough to warm up the oil to a temperature suitable for your scalp. The amount of oil required will depend on the length of your hair. My hair is just above shoulder length, so 2 tablespoons are just enough for my hair length.

– I then dip my fingers into the oil and then massage my scalp.

– Once I’ve evenly applied and massaged the oil all over my scalp, I then apply the oil to the rest of my hair. I pay more attention to the roots, as they tend to be drier.

– I then wrap a hot towel on my head and leave it on for about 30-45 minutes. Sometimes I don’t follow this step and just leave the oil on for about 2 hours before washing my hair. Instead of a hot towel, even a shower cap will work to help keep the heat in.

– I usually have to wash my hair twice to get all the oil off; after which I only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair. You will notice that your hair doesn’t really need much conditioner after a good hot olive oil massage.

– I then let my hair dry naturally if I’ve got nowhere to go after, or else I just blow dry it.

How I’ve benefited:

– Gives me healthy, shiny, soft  and manageable hair
– Helps in the treatment of dandruff
– Helps control frizzy hair when applied to damp hair
– Helps combat the issue of split ends if applied to the wet hair ends

Have any of you tried olive oil or in particular the Figaro brand for your hair? Or do you use any other oil on your hair? I’d like to know what your ritual is like, do you do anything differently?

Feel free to use the comment box below or you can send me a Tweet or a post on Facebook.

❤  Juliana


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