Avon ColorTrend Holiday Metallic Eyeliners ~ Swatch + Review

Avon UK recently launched the Holiday Metallic Eyeliners in the ColorTrend range. These eyeliners are liquid based and boast a metallic, shimmery finish. I quite like the animal-themed packaging. Even though the ColorTrend range is more for teenagers, I can definitely say that these eyeliners can be used by make-up fanatics of all ages.

The Holiday Metallic Eyeliners are available in four colors:
Roaring Blue (a metallic, shimmery shade of blue)
Lioness (a shade of chocolate  brown)
Jungle Green Queen (a metallic, shimmery shade of olive green)
Zebra Black (just a regular shade of black)

Avon ColorTrend Holiday Metallic Eyeliners

In the image below, I’ve swatched all four shades for you, so that you get an idea of what they look like on the skin. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the shimmer reflects in the images for some reason, no matter what setting I tried.

Avon ColorTrend Holiday Metallic Eyeliners_Swatch

– Fine brush which allows for an easy and precise application.
– The formula allows for a smooth application and doesn’t tug at or stretch the skin.
– Quick drying time.
– Reasonably priced at £3.85 RRP

– Lasts for about 4-5 hours after which it starts cracking.
– The shades ‘Lioness’ and ‘Zebra Black’ are not exactly ‘metallic or shimmery’ – a disappointment.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

❤  Juliana


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