Avon ColorTrend New Lasting Smile Lip Paints – Swatch and Review

Avon UK recently launched the New Lasting Smile Lip Paints in the ColorTrend Range. These Lip Paints are available in: Nocturnal, Melondrama, Pink Envy and LolitaAvon ColorTrend New Lasting Smile Lip PaintsIn this post I have swatched three of these four shades – Nocturnal, Lolita and Melondrama

Colortrend New Lasting Smile Lip Paint

  • Nocturnal is a creamy, rich shade of reddish brown (more red than brown which is a good thing for me)
  • Lolita is a shimmery shade of rose pink
  • Melondrama is a shimmery shade of peachy coral

These lip paints retail at £3.75 and are packaged in a slim, white tube which doesn’t have an air of sophistication to it. I put it down to the fact that Avon’s ColorTrend range is targeted at teenagers. The only thing that I like about the packaging is that it is slim and therefore easy to pop into your clutch bag when you’re out and about.

The Lasting Smile Lip Paints have a creamy formula, glide on smoothly and are quite moisturising. Nocturnal has good pigmentation and is a matte finish, but not the dry, chalky kinds. It has a lovely sheen to it once applied. Unlike Nocturnal, the shades Lolita and Melondrama have more of a shimmery, metallic shine and are less pigmented.

I’ve swatched these three colors below, so you get an idea of what it looks like once applied, as they look completely different in the tubes.

ColorTrend New Lasting Smile Lip Paint (Swatch)

Personally, my favorite of all these three shades is Nocturnal, mainly for its pigmentation and creamy matte finish. I’m not a very big fan of shimmery lip colors unless they are in a lip gloss formula.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Have any of you tried any of the shades or the Pink Envy (which I have not swatched in the post but you can see what it looks like in the very first image of this post)?

What are your views?

❤  Juliana


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