The ‘Prairie Charms’ Blog Series

Prairie CharmsHello lovelies!

I was recently contacted by Prairie Charms via Twitter to take part in Project Blogger and I gladly and excitedly confirmed my interest. My post today is part of a blog series brought to you by UK based handmade company Prairie Charms.

If you haven’t heard of Prairie Charms, then read on as I tell you about them. Prairie Charms is an accessories boutique specialising in handmade jewellery and hair accessories. They’ve got some lovely and unique eclectic pieces available to buy via their website. 10% of all profit proceeds are donated to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity (GOSH) and the ‘Kiss It Better Campaign’, which provides funding towards pioneering, world-class treatment for complex medical conditions including pediatric cancers. I am all for supporting a good cause and I try to contribute in any way I can, be it via a purchase or by volunteering my time.

This blog series is more like a Jewellery TAG post, where Prairie Charms would love for me to answer Ten Questions, which I’m really excited to get started with. At the end of this series, Prairie Charms also have a surprise for you. So, I’m going to get straight to answering the questions, which will give you an insight into my style when it comes to jewellery I love and lust.

Q1) Describe your jewellery style in three words

I don’t see myself as having a ‘specific’ jewellery style. It all depends on my mood and on the occasion. So if I have to describe my jewellery style in three words keeping this in mind, I’d say: Elegant, Vintage, Quirky .

Q2) What was the first bit of jewellery you ever purchased?

The first bit of jewellery wasn’t something I bought. It was a bracelet that my sister gifted me for my 15th birthday out of the pocket money that she had saved to buy me a birthday present. I still have it and I still wear it after all these years.


Q3) What is your most meaningful piece of jewellery?

The most meaningful piece of jewellery is a custom-made pearl and diamond pendant that was a gift from my Mum and Dad.

Custom-made Pendant_Juliana_buzzingtrends

Q4) What is your jewellery style or do you own an eclectic mix?

I own an eclectic mix of jewellery; I don’t have a particular style. I’m a huge fan of vintage and antique pieces, then there’s the few quirky pieces I own alongside the glitter and glamor of diamonds and pearls. I’ve got expensive tastes as I absolutely love jewellery made from precious stones and metals.



Q5) What is your favorite type of jewellery?

I can definitely say that I have more than one favorite type of jewellery. So in order of preference, I love necklaces (statement or elegant), earrings (more prominent the better), bracelets (the delicate kinds as well as charm bracelets) and rings (not huge or chunky though). The  only reason for not opting in for chunky jewellery is because it looks out of place on my tiny frame.

Juliana_buzzingtrends_Jewellery copy

Q6) Whose jewellery box would you love to raid? And why?

I’d love to raid Marilyn Monroe’s jewellery box, because of her eclectic taste in jewellery.

Q7) Silver or Gold? Are you somebody that despises the other or will you settle for a wide variety or colors?

I love both, Silver and Gold, but my love doesn’t just stop there. I also love to have a bit of color in my jewellery, be it a statement piece or in the form of a precious stone.


Q8) How do you store your jewellery? Do you put it in a jewellery box or have it displayed for the world to see?

I’d love to have my jewellery displayed as it would make it so much easier to decide what to wear. But because of space issues, I put all the delicate pieces like rings and earrings in a jewellery box and hang the chains and necklaces on a tie hanger. Crazy I know, but it works just fine and I don’t have all my chains entwined when I need them.

Jewellery Box_Juliana_buzzingtrends

Q9) Do you own any heirloom jewellery? If so, what is it and from whom?

Yes, I do. My mum has let me choose some of my favorite pieces from her jewellery collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring them along with me to the UK, as they are very expensive pieces of jewellery (necklaces, rings and bracelets), definitely not something I could wear regularly.

Q10) Who are your favorite jewellery brands and which piece of jewellery are you looking to add to your collection next?

I love jewellery by Folli Follie, Karma, Coast, Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21 to name a few.

At present, there are three pieces of jewellery that I’d love to add to my collection. Two of them I’ll surely be able to but then there are always those that are not in our budget and you can only dream of owning; unless of course your dream comes true.


There it is, ten questions answered. I do hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my likes, loves and lusts when it comes to jewellery, as much as I have enjoyed writing up the answers and taking pictures to show you some of my favorite pieces of jewellery in my slowly-but-surely growing collection.

If you would like to take part in further episodes of this blog series, feel free to email hello@prairiecharms.co.uk or tweet @Prairie_Charms

Are you a blogger and would like to take part in the Project Blogger Collaboration? You can read more about it here.

And, as a thank you, Prairie Charms is offering readers of ‘buzzingtrends‘ 35% off jewellery, which can be bought here. To avail of this special discount, please enter the discount code ‘JEWELS35’ at checkout.

I look forward to reading your post if you do decide to take part in the Prairie Charms Blog Series. Feel free to link back to my post as I’d love to read all about the jewellery you love.

❤  Juliana

Note: I have not in any way been compensated by Prairie Charms to take part in this blog series.

2 comments on “The ‘Prairie Charms’ Blog Series

  1. Linda
    October 26, 2013

    I have a ton of Charms ready for the Holiday Season. Come check it out


    • Juliana
      October 26, 2013

      Great! Thanks for the link, Linda. I’ll have a look 🙂


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