not.a.sponge* ‘KONJAC’ facial sponge Review

I’m sure most of you have heard of ‘Konjac’ facial sponges that have been around for a decent amount of time. There are many brands selling this product, with a variety to choose from; each kind targeting specific skin problems.

I was recently contacted by not.a.sponge* on Twitter asking me if I would be interested in trying out one of their not.a.sponge* products and their timing couldn’t have been perfect. Just a couple of days before I was contacted, I had read a friend’s review on a similar product and was doing my research into buying one for myself. So when I received a tweet asking if I would sample and review one of the not.a.sponge* products, I excitedly said yes. I received my *PR sample within 10 days of confirming my shipping details, which is pretty good given that the sample product was shipped all the way from Singapore.

In the packet along with the sample product, there was an Invoice which also had instructions on how to use and care for the sponge. What I really liked was a short and sweet handwritten note on the invoice from Maggie (Co Founder of not.a.sponge*) – I quite liked the personal touch. Thank you, Maggie! 🙂

The sample product that I received is called IN THE RAW ~ face sponge, which is made from the ‘KONJAC’ vegetable (a super food) along with specifically chosen organic compounds that are beneficial to the skin. This natural cleansing puff is made of 100% pure and natural ingredients; it’s environmentally friendly and is preservative free. The In The Raw facial sponge is one of the simplest and original Konjac sponges when compared to the other sponges available at not.a.sponge* This particular sponge is suitable for all skin types and is really simple to use.

not.a.sponge* Konjac Sponge_buzzingtrends

How to use:

  • Morning
    • Wet the not.a.sponge*, squeeze the excess water and massage the sponge all over the face, eyes and neck in an upward, circular motion.
    • Once done, rinse the not.a.sponge* in warm water, squeeze and hang to dry.
    • Apply your moisturiser, make-up etc as you normally would.
  • Evening
    • Remove your make-up as you normally would with your usual cleanser.
    • Apply your toner to aid with the removal of any make-up residue.
    • Wet the not.a.sponge*, squeeze the excess water and massage the sponge all over the face, eyes and neck in an upward, circular motion.
    • Once done, rinse the not.a.sponge* in warm water, squeeze and hang to dry.
    • Apply your moisturiser or serum or overnight facial oil as you normally would.

Caring for your not.a.sponge*

Once a week, sterilise your not.a.sponge* in a pan of boiling water for about 60-90 seconds. Rinse in cold water, squeeze and hang to dry. This helps keep the not.a.sponge* naturally squeaky clean.



  • 100% natural and preservative free, so there are no harmful chemicals and ingredients to worry about.
  • not.a.sponge* is made from 100% sustainably farmed Konjac vegetable root that is extracted from a plant called amorphophallus konjac. The Konjac is used for its medicinal properties  and is traditionally embraced by the Asian cultures.
  • not.a.sponge* is a gentle and slightly alkaline facial puff that doesn’t mess with the skin’s ‘acid mantle’, which helps prevent infections and damage to the skin. In short, pH balanced and chemical free!
  • not.a.sponge* is great for clearing away impurities thus keeping the skin smooth, fresh and soft.

Verdict: I’ve been using the not.a.sponge* for nearly two weeks now. I usually just wash my face with water when I wake up. Ever since I started using the not.a.sponge* my skin feels much more cleansed, smoother, fresh and revived as compared to when I used to wash it with plain water. Also, by using the not.a.sponge* you end up giving your face, neck and eyes a gentle massage on a regular basis (something you wouldn’t normally do if you’re just splashing water on your face in the morning). This is a good thing as it helps with blood circulation.

Since this particular sponge In The Raw is the orignial and simplest puff from not.a.sponge*, I didn’t see much of a difference when it came to my acne condition. And it’s only because of this reason, I’m rating the not.a.sponge* In The Raw ~ face a 4/5. I most surely will get down to trying the BAMBOO CHARCOAL ~ face sponge, which targets oily, blackhead-prone skin. If you don’t have problem skin as bad as mine (which is pretty bad), then the not.a.sponge* In The Raw ~ face is a great product to add to your daily cleansing routine.

The not.a.sponge* In The Raw ~ face retails for approximately £6.40 which I think is reasonably priced.

Would I recommend not.a.sponge*?: Definitely! A must-try for everyone!

If you would like to know more about not.a.sponge* and would like to buy one for yourself or to give as a gift, then you can check out the not.a.sponge* website here.

If you have tried not.a.sponge* feel free to comment in the box below  or you could Tweet me @buzzing_trends and share your experiences.

❤ Juliana

*Note: I have in no way been compensated for publishing this post. The reviews and feedback on the product are all based on my personal experience after using the product.


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