Organic September at Neal’s Yard Remedies

September being the month dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of all things organic, a workshop at Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR) couldn’t have been more appropriate. Yes, that’s where a few of us beauty bloggers were on Wednesday, 18th September, 2013 for our meetup organised by Rebecca of Biteable Beauty.


We received a warm welcome and were offered a glass of bubbly with a special rose-infused syrup made by Tipper from NYR – a great combination. And, the dips – organic and superfood enriched. – were delicious too!


At the ‘Create Your Own’ workshop held at Neal’s Yard Remedies, seven of us beauty bloggers had an exciting and fun evening learning all about superfoods, their benefits and how incorporating them in our daily diet can make a huge difference in our health and well-being.

We learned how to make an absolutely refreshing and energising smoothie consisting of berries and other superfoods. So simple and quick to make, you can add it to your daily morning routine and carry it along with you to work or university for that healthy in-between-meals snack option.


For all chocolate lovers, making your very own energy-packed, healthy chocolate treat is just the thing to look forward to. Would you believe this delicious chocolate treat hardly takes any time to make and is all good to eat in under an hour? It’s packed with Green & Blacks organic chocolate (75%), almonds, hazelnuts and lots of other healthy superfoodie ingredients.


You can have a browse through the various recipes made with superfoods on the NYR website.

Once we were done treating ourselves to these scrumptious goodies, we then moved on to creating our own beauty product. We were give a choice of either a shower gel, scrub or massage oil. I decided to make the scrub as I’m quite particular about exfoliation.


To start with, the NYR Team passed around fragrance sticks each with a different essential oil, and we had to guess the fragrances and choose the three that appealed to us the most. One for the top notes, the second for the middle notes and the third for the base notes. These were the three scents that we added to our respective product mixtures. We were left to decide how many drops of each essential oil we would like, but the total had to be 10 drops in all.


I made my scrub with the following essential oils:
Top Notes: Bergamot | Middle Notes: Lavender | Base Notes: Frankincense


It was quite interesting to note that a few of us had the same combination of essential oils, but because the number of drops per fragrance differed, the final result ended in a product that had a completely different smell.


The finished product 🙂


I had a fantastic evening and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We each received a goody bag at the end filled with some amazing products. Also, NYR were offering a special discount for all the workshop attendees that evening. So, after a wee consultation with one of the team members, I bought the Mahonia Clear Skin Formula Tincture . This tincture is aimed at clearing the skin with the help of the cleansing effects of the herbal blend. I will be reviewing this product, including those in the goody bag in at some point.


I’d like to thank Rebecca for organising this meetup and a big thank you to the NYR Team for making the evening a fun and eventful one.


❤ Juliana


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