How to Color Match Your Eyeshadow To Your Eyes

The Body Shop_Color Matching Video_01.08-007Picking the right shade of eyeshadow that brings out the color of your eyes is not that simple for many of us. Not too long ago, The Body Shop UK was on the hunt for models with Green, Blue, Hazel and Brown eyes to be involved in the filming of their Colour Matching Video. Having deep brown eyes, I applied with no expectations. And voila! I’m informed that I’m selected to be a part of this shoot. I was really excited, as such things are a rarity for me, as I’m not so lucky that way! 😉

On the date and time given to me, I headed down south to the The Body Shop’s Bournemouth store, where the entire video was shot. I met a few others from the Body Shop team (Katrina from Marketing; Helen from the Bournemouth store and Hannah from the Winchester store), who were all so nice and friendly.

Here’s The Body Shop’s Colour Matching Video that will show you how to pick those eye popping shades . . .

The video makes it really simple and easy for you to pick the right shade to suit your eyes. We had two looks each done on the day: one a subtle look using complimentary shades and the other a more dramatic, bolder look using contrasting shades. So you can pick and choose the shades to either suit your mood, the time of day or the type of function you’re attending. You can work with a range of colors that will help bring out the color in your eyes; all by following the very basic but all important guidelines of the color wheel.

The models featured in this video based on the color of their eyes are:

Katrina – BLUE Eyes


Alison – GREEN Eyes


Katherine – HAZEL Eyes

The Body Shop_Color Matching Video_01.08-001

Juliana – BROWN Eyes


After our shoot, Alison, Katherine and myself received a goody bag each as a big thank you from The Body Shop for being a part of the “Colour Matching” Video Shoot. We received products worth £100, specially selected by Katrina. She went through a lot of trouble for sure, as each personalised goody bag contained fabulous Body Shop products, to compliment our skin tones and eye colors. Thanks, Katrina! 🙂

Here are the goodies that I received . . .


Behind The Scenes . . .


I do hope you’ve enjoyed watching the video as much as we all enjoyed shooting it. Put to use what you’ve learned, make a trip down to your local Body Shop store or shop online, have fun shopping for those perfectly matching eyeshadow shades and get ready to woo the crowd! 😉

If you’ve gone makeup shopping after reading this post, I’d love to hear all about the additions to your makeup kit and the looks you’ve created with your new eyeshadows! 🙂 Feel free to link back to this post.

Bye for now . . .


❤ Juliana


One comment on “How to Color Match Your Eyeshadow To Your Eyes

  1. Anjali
    October 28, 2013

    Hey Juliana,

    How have you been? It’s been long time now we met last. Please keep in touch.



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