Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamer ~ Review

Hello everyone and welcome to 2014! Here I am with  my very first post for this year, with many more to come . . .

I recently received in my goody bag, from the #londonsecretsantameet, a bath creamer from Bomb Cosmetics. Even though I had heard of them, I’d never actually tried any of their products until recently.

Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics’ products are all handmade with the goodness of essential oils and natural ingredients whenever possible. Their products are not tested on animals, their fuss-free packaging is environment friendly and yet they manage to get their products looking super-cute! 🙂

Here’s what I received:

Bomb Cosmetis Handmade Natural Bath Creamer

Mr. Frosty Bath Creamer:This lovely scented creamer is filled with the goodness of Cocoa and Shea butters and Rose essential oils. The little black beads you see are peppercorns but I couldn’t figure out what the orange bit is. Anyone who has tried this have any idea?

When placed in warm water, it slowly fizzes releasing all the butters and oils, making it an amazing and relaxing treat for your skin. I ended up with a pleasant lingering scent on my body and my skin softened and moisturised.

The only thing you have to make sure is to be careful when getting out of the bath, as the butter tends to make things a bit slippery. We don’t want that good, relaxing soak go to waste, do we! 😉

The Mr. Frosty Bath Creamer retails for approximately £2.09 for 30g. The price range for the other products vary, starting from £ 2.09 onwards. You can have a browse here.

Bomb Cosmetics Logo

What do you think of Bomb Cosmetics’ products? Have any of you tried them?

Why not leave a comment…

❤ Juliana


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