Clutter Free and Looking Pretty

The last couple of weeks in December had me surrounded by a mountain of paper work, copies of documentation, cleared invoices etc., which I didn’t need to refer to anymore, but still had to file away for tax purposes and future reference. I’ve been using box files for this purpose, but realised, that I had way too many files about the place and they just started making the place look cramped and in my opinion, untidy.

So, I came up with a revised filing system, where I would use the box files for paperwork that I currently need access to, like new project work, latest invoices and the likes. So, after browsing online for days hoping to find the best deal, I bought some storage boxes from ASDA to store the paperwork that I have to keep, whether I like it or not. This left me with 6 empty box files (well 4 box files as I decided to keep 2 around for emergencies) that I have neatly packed away, ready to hand them over to my mum when I go home (Mumbai) next.

In the past (during my student days in Leicester), I’ve bought boxes from Wilkos, which I really, really liked and still do as they are collapsible ones. This makes them easy to store (flat) or move around when not in use. But Wilkos didn’t have their usual deal at the time I was ready to buy, so I went for the next best option, ASDA.

Here’s what I bought. . . Vintage Rose Storage Boxes

Asda Storage Boxes-1

The Vintage Rose collection was not my first choice design-wise, but I missed out on the offer for the Bird collection, so I bought these instead. They’re not so bad to look at after all. These stackable boxes fit neatly, one into the other, which helps save storage space when not in use.

Asda Sotrage Boxes-2


  • Large Box: L36 x W25 x H15cm – Easily holds A4 size papers with additional space to fill up with small bits and bobs like stationery.
  • Medium Box: L33 x W23 x H14cm – The exact size for A4 papers.
  • Small Box: L30 x W21 x H13cm – Not ideal for A4 size papers, unless folded in half. But you can easily store A5 size papers or use it to store CDs, craft items, make-up, the list is endless. I’m sure you’ll come up with ideas for other items that you can store in the Small Box.
  • As you can see from the image above, there are handles on each end, which makes it really convenient to move the boxes around.

Asda Storage Boxes-3

And, this is what they look like on the shelf. . . (I’ve yet to fill up the third box)

These boxes are made from decent quality cardboard. However, the only drawback is that you can’t really store heavy items as the box is not made for it. So, it’s perfect for paperwork or lighter items like craft supplies, stationery etc.

These boxes come in a set of 3 and retail at £10. I bought these on offer for £8. Worth every penny.

If you’re interested in getting yourself something similar, there are other designs and styles available to choose from. You can have a browse here.

Would I repurchase? Yes!

What do you use for storage? Any creative DIY ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

❤ Juliana


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