The Organic Experience, Leicester

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

I’ve been a regular at Craig and Nate’s salons in Leicester for about four years now. And it’s no surprise to me that I used to travel from London to Leicester to get my hair done at theirs. And then to the disappointment of all their clients, they moved to Birmingham for a short while. But now, the boys are back and they’re back with a bang.

Craig and Nate brought back with them Leicester’s first Organic and Vegan salon experience. When I heard of this I was very excited about it, as I’ve been waiting to have access to a salon that’s local and green.

I finally got myself booked in for a cut and finish as I didn’t need my hair coloured at the time. This time around, it was Nate who sorted out my hair.

To begin with, he did a stretch test to check the condition of my hair, and I wasn’t surprised that it turned out to be a bit dry. Once we both agreed upon what style we would be going in for, I had my hair cleansed and conditioned with AquaBOOST for added moisture.

I have to say here that I immediately noticed the difference in my hair texture. It felt so soft, was so manageable (I could easily run my fingers through my hair) and it left my hair with a lovely shine. I would definitely recommend this range for anyone with hair in need of some moisture injection.

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

Now this is the part where I tell you that I was a bad blogger on the day, as I completely forgot to take a ‘Before’ picture of my hair. How embarrassing! So the one that you see below is what I took a few days before I had my hair cut. It’s fairly recent and therefore good enough to use in this post for a comparison.


© buzzingtrends

And here’s the end result after my hair was cut and styled with a casual, flirty summer-wave look.


Hair by Nate from The Organic Experience, Leicester_© buzzingtrends

To achieve this look, Nate applied Control Root Lift to boost and dry my hair with volume.


Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

And he finished this look with Control Texture for hold.

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

Photo Credit: The Organic Experience, Leicester

I’m not one to use hair products like they’re a must. My usage is occasional, which is not very often. One of my reasons for staying away from styling products is their tendency to leave your hair looking and feeling stiff and that to me is a fake look, one I would not want to see on myself. But with the Control Range, I can most surely say that wasn’t the case.

These styling products did the job of creating volume and holding the style without weighing my hair down or making it stiff. In fact, I was out and about the day I got my hair done and it stayed that way till I got home and the for the next day too. I was happy to find that my hair did move and sway naturally in the hot summer breeze. And, I have Craig and Nate to vouch for this as I bumped into them on my way home.

Below you can see the level of shine in my hair after using these products. I love how my hair looks so glossy and healthy.


Photo: Courtesy of Nate from The Organic Experience, Leicester_© buzzingtrends

Final Verdit: 4.7/5

Now that is a very good rating in my opinion. If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you will know that getting a 5/5 from me is next to impossible, even for the best – as I believe that leaves no room for improvement.

Would I recommend “The Organic Experience“?

I most definitely would, I do and I am! If you’re in Leicester, heading to Leicester or even if you’re within commutable distance to Leicester, The Organic Experience is the place to be to get your hair done. Try it once and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Besides, who doesn’t want organic and vegan friendly products on their hair?

I know I do and I’m sure you must too?

If you’ve had your hair done at The Organic Experience, feel free to share your experiences by either commenting in the box below or you can tweet us Juliana Rego  The Organic Experience using hashtags #buzzingtrends #theorganicexperience

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❤ Juliana


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