Bill’s Restaurant, Leicester ~ Review


A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday and I missed her party as I was unwell. Shame really as it looked like a lot of fun from the photos I saw on Facebook. Anyway, I wanted to treat her to a meal and where we ate was entirely up to her. I let her choose the restaurant and whether she preferred breakfast or lunch.

“A ‘breakfast’ treat?” – Yes, you read that right, a breakfast treat. We usually catch up over breakfast on Fridays, when time permits. Work takes precedence, of course. So given our busy schedules, she opted in for breakfast and the restaurant she chose was Bill’s in Leicester.

I’ve dined at Bill’s in Covent Garden (St. Martin’s Courtyard), London; but ‘breakfast’ at Bill’s was a first for me. I had a look at their menu online and was quite intrigued with the breakfast menu options and one particular dish on that menu piqued both our interests – The Vegetarian Breakfast.

I happened to be the first customer to walk into the restaurant for breakfast that morning. But for a blogger that’s a good thing I’d say. Getting there first gave me a chance to take photos of the restaurant without having to worry about offending anyone and sans interruption, of course! (cheeky grin).


Love the decor and absolutely love that chandelier! ❤


Table decor for those who preferred to dine alfresco.Bright and cheerful, just like the weather that morning.

I didn’t want to get carried away and post too many photos of the restaurant interior, so I’ve stopped at two.

We ordered our vegetarian breakfasts and the service was pretty quick. The wait was somewhere between 5-7 minutes. Definitely not complaining here, as we were hungry and all ready to tuck in.


That Limited Edition Southern Fried Chicken Burger does sound tempting. (I think I’m just being a glutton now) 😉 Spot the Christmas Menu peeking out from behind the cutlery?  You can have a sneak peak at the menu towards the end of this post.

Bill’s is an allergy-friendly restaurant. So, if you suffer from any kind of food allergies, the staff do their best to accommodate your requests. The first thing I checked was if the vegetarian breakfast was lactose free. And, fortunately for me, it was. I also inquired if they do coffees with soya milk and it was a yes to that too. Because of my lactose intolerance, I tend to stick to the safe and trusted ‘Americano’, which tends to get boring. So, when I have the opportunity to change that, I tend to go for a Soya Cappuccino.


How gorgeous does this look! Tempting, isn’t it?

The vegetarian breakfast priced at £7.95 included:

  • poached free range eggs
  • tomatoes
  • hummus
  • mushrooms
  • guacamole
  • sweet chilli sauce
  • basil
  • toast

For an additional £1 more you could have baked beans and for £1.25 crispy potato.


Guacamole and eggs is one of my favourites, not only for breakfast, but I can have it any time of the day. However, hummus and eggs was a first for me. But the combination worked and this red pepper hummus was delicious. The sweet chilli sauce added a lovely sticky-sweet twist to the hummus and the basil added a sharp and fresh zing to the entire dish.

But what was an absolute delight to my taste buds was the guacamole. I’ve had guacamole at well-known Mexican restaurants, I also make a fairly decent guacamole, but never have I tasted guacamole this good. Now this is one recipe I’d love to get my hands on; totally worth it!

Five Stars all the way for the scrummy guacamole, Bill’s.

As promised, here’s a sneak peek of the Christmas Menu at Bill’s, Leicester.



Click on the image to get a zoomed in view

Final Verdict: 4/5 – Dining at Bill’s was a lovely experience; delicious food, cosy ambience, quick service, friendly staff and not forgetting ‘allergy-friendly’. A big thumbs-up from me. I’ll definitely go back for more.

Feel free to share your experiences at Bill’s, Leicester. Have suggestions for what to try from their menu? Share them with other readers either on Twitter, Facebook or in the comment box below.

❤ Juliana


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